When did you discover the Christian music?

By now you’ve probably heard the term “Cinderella Man” and heard the name “Lavender Man”.If you haven’t, you’re not alone.There are plenty of other people who have done the same.But in a strange way, that’s actually a good thing.Because the Christian rock and roll genre has been going through a renaissance.The first of its kind…

Published by admin inAugust 29, 2021

By now you’ve probably heard the term “Cinderella Man” and heard the name “Lavender Man”.

If you haven’t, you’re not alone.

There are plenty of other people who have done the same.

But in a strange way, that’s actually a good thing.

Because the Christian rock and roll genre has been going through a renaissance.

The first of its kind in Australia.

In this piece, I want to explore how the Christian musical tradition has changed.

The rise and fall of the Christian Rock and Roll Scene, a look at the history of the genre, the rise and rise of the “Cristian Man”, and the rise of a new generation.

For more on the Christian genre, check out our guide to the history and current status of the Australian Christian Rock Music scene. 

What was the first Christian rock?

The Christian Rock genre first emerged in Australia in the late 1960s, and began to develop in the early 1970s.

It was a fusion of punk and alternative rock styles that fused the elements of folk, country and blues.

Its biggest success came in the 1970s when the band the Pretenders released their debut album.

The album became a hit with audiences and was later released on a series of Australian record labels including Virgin Records.

What was its name?

It wasn’t named after the famous Cinderella Man.

But the song is named after one of the many people who appeared on the album.

It was the man known as “The Man in the Yellow Cap” by the Pretender band members.

A few years after the release of the album, The Man in Yellow Cap appeared on stage at a show in Sydney, and the band members started making references to the character.

He was known as the “Laverman”.

Who was the character?

He’s a big name in Australia’s Christian rock scene, which was started in the 1960s. 

Who was Lavey Okeke?

Lavey was an Australian rock and Roll legend and a prominent member of the group The Pretenders.

He first gained notoriety when he appeared on a radio show called ‘The Christian Channel’. 

He was interviewed by a reporter for The Christian Channel who asked if he could sing on the show.

Lavee told the interviewer that he was interested in Christian music and he had a passion for the Christian scene.

He was so excited that he told the reporter that he wanted to become a Christian rock star and be on The Christian channel. 

Where does Laveie come from?

While he had aspirations of becoming a rock star, he was also a big fan of the Catholic church.

Lavingy was a devout Christian and was a member of St John’s Episcopal Church.

He attended Catholic school and even attended St Mary’s, an Anglican church, where he was known for his love of singing.

In 1977, he released his first single, ‘The Man In The Yellow Cap’.

The song was nominated for the Australian Music Award and it was the number one hit single of that year.

Later that year, the group performed at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Lavingy and the Pretends won two awards, the Australian Song of the Year and the Australian Rock and Roller Coaster of the year.

They also won the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance.

The song also received the Australian Independent Music Award.

Laves name was immortalised in a song by the late Michael Jackson, called “Laveye”. 

Who were the other Pretenders?

There were four Pretenders bands from the 1970’s and 1980’s.

They were: The Pretenders, The Christian Brothers, The Pretender Sisters and The Pretend Sisters.

The Pretends were led by Laveey Okere, who died in 1989.

They released their first album ‘A Little Christmas in the Middle of a Cold Cold Day’ in 1983.

They later released the second album ‘Laveys Theme’ in 1986 and the third album ‘The Pretender Song’ in 1988.

When did you become a part of the Pretend Brothers?

In 1986, Laveys first band appearance was on a local radio station in Sydney called ‘Radio Sydney’.

He appeared as part of a band called ‘Funk and Roll’ which featured guitarist Mikey Sorenson, guitarist Joe Brown, bassist and guitarist Kevin MacLeod, drummer Paul Hockenberry, drummer Mike McKeown and drummer Ben McLean. 

In 1986 they were the first Pretender to play at a major concert in Sydney.

‘Laveey the Man in Pink’ was recorded for their album ‘Stick It To Me’. 

The band also played at Sydney’s Royal Festival Hall in 1987 and at Sydney Opera House in 1988 and 1989. 

The next year, Laves first album, ‘Laves Theme’, was released in 1990.

The album included songs such as ‘Sticks

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