When The Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ Was Just A Big Fat Lie (Excerpt)

When The Who’s classic “Yesterday” album first hit the charts in 1968, it wasn’t just because it was about the Beatles.It was because it gave a whole new meaning to the word “good.”In fact, it gave the Beatles a whole different, deeper meaning than they had ever known before.For the first time in their career,…

Published by admin inJuly 17, 2021

When The Who’s classic “Yesterday” album first hit the charts in 1968, it wasn’t just because it was about the Beatles.

It was because it gave a whole new meaning to the word “good.”

In fact, it gave the Beatles a whole different, deeper meaning than they had ever known before.

For the first time in their career, they were on the verge of redefining the term “great.”

But the Beatles’ music wasn’t good because it sounded good.

It sounded like the Beatles did it right.

For many people, today’s music sounds just as good as The Beatles did.

But to many others, it sounds just like nothing they’ve heard before.

And to those who listen to music, it seems as if there’s a whole lot more to The Beatles than meets the eye.

So what is this music really about?

Well, a lot of the music on today’s radio stations is either derivative of the Beatles or simply made by the Beatles to sound good.

For instance, the Beatles songs that are on radio stations today tend to be songs that the Beatles themselves recorded and played, or that have been re-recorded and re-released to varying degrees.

The Beatles themselves often recorded and wrote songs about themselves.

They wrote songs that were a little different from what was going on at the time, or a little more personal, or had something that they thought the public would appreciate.

The Beatles would have been thrilled to record a new song for the radio, or record another version of “Tomorrow Never Knows” for the public to hear.

The new version would be recorded for a public audience.

Some of the songs that people hear today were recorded during the time when the Beatles were in their early twenties.

This era was a time when they were trying to get their sound into the public’s ears.

But these songs, like many others that they recorded in the late twenties, were not written by the band at that time.

In the early 1950s, the band’s manager, Paul McCartney, was writing songs for the first radio broadcast of “The Beatles’ All You Need Is Love.”

The songs were about the time the Beatles had left their home town of Leeds, England and headed to New York City to tour the country.

But the song “Tomorrow never knows” was written by Paul McCartney during the same time period, and was not the one that was recorded.

The song “Yesterday Never Knomes” was recorded by the group at the same place that Paul McCartney recorded “Tomorrow” and recorded his “Yesterday.”

The recording was made at the London Studios, in the middle of the night.

Paul McCartney recorded this song on February 21, 1958, and on January 6, 1959, The Beatles recorded this recording.

The recording is titled “Tomorrow’s Not Here.”

(The Beatles later released “Tomorrow”).

The Beatles recorded the song on January 31, 1960, and recorded it for the BBC on April 10, 1960.

The BBC recorded this record for the United Kingdom on April 11, 1960 and the United States on April 12, 1960.(A version of the song is also included on the “All You Need is Love” album, “Tomorrow Is Gone.”)

When The Beatles first recorded “Yesterday,” they were still making recordings and working on their debut album.

For a time, it seemed that they had the backing of the American rock band the Rolling Stones, and that the album would be released in July of 1961.

But it wasn`t until January 1961 that the band released their first album in America, “The Beatlemania.”

The band’s debut album, which was the first American album to feature the same name as the name of their hometown, was a smash hit.

In a year, the album sold more than 2 million copies, and sold 2 million more in the United Kingdoms.

(The band recorded the songs “Yesterday, Tomorrow Never Knoms,” “Tomorrow, Tomorrow,” “All the World’s A Stage,” “She Loves Me,” “Love Me Like You Do,” “Can You Feel It,” “Let It Be,” “Imagine,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Don`t Stop Believin’,” “Like a Virgin,” “Something,” “Lovin` on a Sunny Day,” “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” “Trying to Be Good,” “Take Me Home Tonight,” “Dancing Queen,” “One More Saturday Night,” “Yesterday (You Are the One),” “I Feel Fine,” “Little Drummer Boy,” “A Day in the Life,” “When I’m Sixty-Two,” “Cherry Pie,” “In My Life,” and “Tomorrow.”)

The Beatles and the Rolling Stone, which had a contract with Rolling Stones to publish their new album, signed an exclusive contract with the band to release the album.

They also signed a record deal with Columbia Records, which also released The Beatles album in the US.

After the first

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